Rey Vercosa

Músico, cantor, compositor, multi–instrumentista e produtor musical de mais de 1000 produções de House Music, inúmeras apresentações em mais de 13 países, trás na bagagem “gigs” e residências nos mais conceituados clubs de música eletrônica do mundo, como Privilege Ibiza (residente desde 2004), Passion de Ibiza, Soldiers, Manumission, Supermartxe, Balearic Pirates, Living Ibiza, Amnesia (2 anos de residencia na festa People from Ibiza), Space (festa Ibiza Global Radio), Pacha Ibiza (2 anos festa release yourself com Roger Sanchez), El Divino Ibiza, Eden (St Antonio – Ibiza, Pacha Barcelona, Pacha Mallorca, Pacha New York (participação com Sevin Fischer), Privilege Ibiza World Tour ( 4 anos de residencia, Franca, Espanha, Sul America) El Divino Ibiza World Tour (Colombia), entre outros.

​Em 2017, Rey Vercosa foi aceito como membro  da mais importante comunidade da indústria musical no mundo, o Grammy, e está concorrendo para indicações ao prêmio Grammy Awards 2018 em 6 categorias diferentes

Rey Vercosa, RV Records Founder / CEO and Music Director / Official Grammy Academy’s Member is well-known as one of the most talented live performers in action,especially in the electronic music scene. He interweaves his vast knowledge of world music with modern musical equipment to create an entirely unique and breath taking performance. Over the last decade Rey has taken this extraordinary spectacle all over the world. He went through an intensive self-learning period, in which Rey almost lost his life after receiving 2 shots close to his heart. Hereafter he became immensely focused in his love for music so that he proceeded to study in advanced musical composition mastering theory and instrumentation. Rey plays over 30 instruments from piano,to drums passing through guitar, didgeridoo,bass and others; most of which he uses in his live house music show. The multi-instrumentist musician has formed his style over the last decade,influences from African,to the New York Funk-Jazz-Soul,from Brazilian Samba-Bossa Nova to Spanish Flamenco.His deep house projects are well-known and called “DEEPER4MANCE”. Rey has produced over 1000 tracks. His live performances have entertained hundred of thousands of music lovers worldwide. Rey has performed at the world biggest night clubs like in Privilege (Ibiza) ,Ushuaia (Ibiza) Amnesia (Ibiza), Space (Ibiza), Shoko, Sota Vento, Otto Suts, Sala Bikini (Barcelona) ,Pacha (New York – São Paulo – Barcelona – Ibiza – Mallorca), The City, Mandala club, Mandala Beach, Palazzo (Cancun) Palazzo Beach (Playa del Carmen), Privilege Ibiza World Tour (4 years resident) Sol beach club (Holland), Pink Elephant, Museum São Paulo, 20th anniversary Ministry Of Sound, and many more.